Dahlia Tubers from Handpicked Homestead

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Dahlia Tubers from Handpicked Homestead

Handpicked Homestead is a family-run, no-till flower farm located in the center of Vashon. Owner Erin Simmons makes every effort toward sustainability and has a heart for service. The driving force behind her farm is the belief that we are all meant to share beauty.

At Handpicked Homestead, we believe:

  • that we need beauty, and when we share it, we can bring peace, heal, and foster joy.

  • that color, design, fragrance and texture all matter…a bouquet grown and gathered with love has a purpose behind it that can be tangibly felt.

  • nature is the ultimate model of beauty. Local, sustainable, hand-selected, cultivated with purpose…the opportunity to partner in creation is unmatched.

"Because we are all meant to share beauty"

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